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Automated Income System | Share The Number Review

Automated Income System | Share The Number Review

​Scam or No Scam

​People always wonder if they are going to get scamed or if something is really legit or not. Of course it is ok to be cautious when dealing with certain things.

Like they always say it's better to be safe than sorry. If you are one of those type of people then you are probably wondering is Share the Number a real proven system or just another scam out there on the internet. 

Well let me take a minute to give you the facts and prove what is what.

​Share the Number Company and Creator

​So let me go ahead and give you some facts about Share the Number. First off Share the Number was Created in September 2017 by John Valley, who is also the owner. It was designed to generate anyone income by simply sharing the company 24 hour information number with a promo code.

John Valley has generated multiple six figure incomes in the home business arena and decided to create a business opportunity and company that levels the playing field for anyone who want to become a member of Share the Number. Basically you share this 1 min information message with your promo code. 

Go ahead and call it now: 1-618-355-1121  Promo Code: jlt33

Use this promo code to access this site: JOIN NOW 

​The system is designed where anyone who joins must have a promo code or you can't sign up. Also the 24 hour number directs all prospects and leads to the website you see above for full information regarding Share The Number and to sign up if they choose to.

Packages to Purchase

​The following shows the different packages you can purchase

​The Ultimate Special

​Call Me Now for More Info and Questions: 888-333-8050
Johnnie Thornton


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