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BitQyck Review | BitQyck Opportunity Or Scam | What Is BitQyck

BitQyck Review | BitQyck Opportunity Or Scam | What Is BitQyck

What Is BitQyck

My BitQyck review is about the marketplace that is now known as BitQyck, is offering "daily deals" to all consumers through the bitqyck e-commerce, while embracing cryptocurrency. By adding cryptocurrency within the marketplace, bitqyck is able to more securely,  quickly,  and without third-party sites transfer the value of the goods and the currency.

What are the real benefits of becoming a bitqyck partner affiliate:

*Free to join
*Pays weekly
*Residual income
*Be a firstmover in a seismic shift in the e-commerce, cryptocurrency, direct sales, corporate ownership, and the daily deals markets
*Unlimited income and ownership potential
*Set your own schedule
*Potential tax benefits
*Brings REAL value to customers

What Are BitQyck Products

If you are familiar or used Groupon, you've walked through the process of making a purchase and then putting that value towards a good or service, such as jewelry, a night-out, or guitar lessons. The company is based out of Dallas.  BitQyck will expand upon this concept in the digital marketplace with their "daily deals," with future plans to have their platform expand globally throughout the world.

Sam Mendez, one of the co-founders of BitQyck, explained the two facets of BitQyck. While BitQyck serves as their e-commerce platform, BitQyck serves as the cryptocurrency. By using cryptocurrency – i.e. digital currency that operates independently of a bank, where encryption is used to regulate the currency and verify the transfer of funds – BitQyck can shift ownership of BitQyck seamlessly.

"The idea is that value can be transferred more securely, quicker, and without the need of a third party of intervention, among other things," Mendez said. "That's what we are trying to showcase: the fact that we are going to transfer ownership of the platform – BitQyck – to the whole verse of cryptocurrency, BitQy."

BitQyck has three types of users, including businesses, consumers, and affiliates, Mendez explained. BitQyck already has contact with thousands of businesses that have shown keen interest in their platform because of their business model that operates similarly to Groupon's daily deals.  Mendez says,  this will be their foray into the marketplace.

One of the developers who's helping with BitQyck's launch is Mark Hopkins, who's the founder of Roger Wilco, a content marketing firm. He met Bruce Bise and Mendez when they arrived in Roger Wilco's co-working space in Dallas, searching for a Bitcoin vendor. Since that meeting, they've become customers of Roger Wilco, and valuable partners ever since.

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