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Bitqyck Review | Call 702-602-0520 | Cryptocurrency

Bitqyck Review | Call 702-602-0520 | Cryptocurrency

Bitqyck Review Call 702-602-0520 or Text

If you are familiar or used Groupon, you've walked through the process of making a purchase and then putting that value towards a good or service, such as jewelry, a night-out, or guitar lessons. The company is based out of Dallas. BitQyck will expand upon this concept in the digital marketplace with their "daily deals," with future plans to have their platform expand globally throughout the world. The best digital currency on the planet.

Sam Mendez, one of the co-founders of BitQyck, explained the two facets of BitQyck. While BitQyck serves as their e-commerce platform, BitQyck serves as the cryptocurrency. By using cryptocurrency – i.e. digital currency that operates independently of a bank, where encryption is used to regulate the currency and verify the transfer of funds – BitQyck can shift ownership of BitQyck seamlessly.

What Is The Compensation Plan

Members of Bitqyck are able to earn money by recruiting other individuals to invest their own dollars into the Bitqy currency and by generating sales through the company's e-commerce system.

When it comes to investing money into Bitqy, there are three main levels of investment that affiliates have access to. Bitqyck calls these "product options", and the first one sees members investing $199 in order to get $200 worth of Bitqy coins.

The product option above this asks affiliates to invest $349 to receive $400 worth of Bitqy, and the last level requires an investment of $499 in order to get a whopping $600 worth of Bitqy.

What Are The BitQyck Commissions

Commissions that affiliates have access to are paid out in two main ways, and the first has to do with investing money into the Bitqy coins.

Whenever a personally recruited affiliate of yours invests their own money into the Bitqy coins, you're able to earn a 10% commission based off of how much money they decided to invest.

In addition to this, you've also got access to a matching bonus of 10% for any affiliates that your downline is able to recruit and get to invest as well.

The second main commission that affiliates are able to earn come through the e-commerce platform.

The commissions are handled in a very unique fashion, with a 25% commission being given to an affiliate who introduces a customer to the platform that then decides to purchase product from it. A 25% commission is also paid out to the affiliate that was behind the recruitment of the referring affiliate in this situation, and that same 25% commission is even offered to the e-commerce merchant and the customer that's buying from the platform.

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