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Call Text 301-485-9077 | Ztegrity Prepaid Rewards Card | Zblackcard Master Card Review

Call Text 301-485-9077 | Ztegrity Prepaid Rewards Card | Zblackcard Master Card Review

Ztegrity Prepaid Rewards Card "Zblackcard Master Card"

The First Thing You Need To Know In This Zblackcard Master Card review... This is the plan for you if you wish to only save money on fees. Our prepaid card does not have any of the typical fees you get with other prepaid cards. When you use a drugstore card the monthly fee of $6 to $10 alone means that you are spending $72 to $120 a year in fees right off the bat. 

When you add in customer service fees, point of sale fees, checking your balance fees, statement fees and all of the others fees your annual fees can easily top $240 a year. You are much better off paying of $39.95 for a ZBlackCard. Plus our card is made out of metal!  MORE INFO

Lol However it is important to understand that people who see your card are going to ask you about Ztegrity prepaid rewards card. You do not earn any income from your referrals. This means that you could be potentially leaving a small fortune on the table over time. If you wish to avoid losing money our next plan is a better option.  ORDER NOW

Becoming a VIP Card Holder is the plan you need if you wish to earn some easy money without really doing any work. We basically give you a card for FREE when you sign up for our $20 per month sales funnel plan. We are willing to give you your card for FREE when you buy our sales funnel because we know that each time you use your card people will ask you about the Ztegrity prepaid master card. 

Our card is so amazing that it literally generates its own prospects. Believe me when I tell you about the Zblackcard, if you drop your card on the counter or table everyone that hears the loud "CLANG" the Zblackcard makes is going to ask you about it. All you have to do is tell them that the card can only be acquired by invitation from another card holder and that you would be happy to send them some information. 

Everyone will gladly give you their contact information. Simply plug their information into your sale funnel and your prospects will receive a series of videos on the top 10 reasons they should get a ZBlackCard Master Card. As a VIP Card Holder you earn a $1 per month residual income on each new card holder on your team for 5 generations, plus you can earn a 100% Matching Bonus on the VIP card holders you refer. This can add up to a residual income of thousands of dollars a month simply because you used or card and it generated prospects that your sales funnel closed for you. It really doesn't get any easier than that!  ORDER NOW

If you wish to participate in our Zblackcard Auto Rewards Program use this link to order your metal card then refer a minimum of 5 people who in turn are willing to do the same. After they each refer 5 people your Auto Allowance will be over $700 per month. 

That should cover the cost of your current car.You will have enough auto allowance to cover your dream car payment when each of your level 3 card holders refers their 5. At this point you will be earning over $4,000 per month in auto allowance.$4,000 a month is enough to drive your dream car and pay for the insurance. 

Also your credit will not matter because as long as you can show a couple of months of qualifying income we have a dealership that will put you into virtually any car you want. So in conclusion: What is your dream car? And: Would you be willing to spend $50 per month to drive it? If your answer is YES then order your Zblackcard here today to turn your dream of driving a great car into a goal to drive a great car. Get started today.  ORDER NOW

Please contact me if you need more information about this amazing card that will change your life in ways you have not thought of! Call me or email me today! This is Rick Titus and I'm out!


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