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How To Build A Email List | How To Follow Up With Your List

Building A List Is Very Important

​You will get all type of info online. But you have to be careful on what info you actually listen to. What are ways to build a email list? We all heard the popular phrase, "the money is in the list" right? It is true. But you must also follow up with your leads. People fail doing this.

Traffic is the first thing you need in order to get any type of engagement. You have to put your link all over the internet consistently every day and every night. If you are not advertising yourself on a regular bases, you will never make money online ever. So you must get traffic daily.

Quick Funnel Page System

Another critical tool you will need is an autoresponder system. You need to have an autoresponder system that will capture the audience contact information. You must always have away to capture leads. Leads are the life blood of your online business. If you are not collecting contact info from your audience than you are leaving money on the table. I use my very own quick funnel page system.

Quick Funnel Pages is a system that will allow you to create unlimited capture pages. You will also be able to create funnels that will convert your leads into buyers. But you always want to be able to collect contact info so you can build your list. Once you have a list, then you can create auto response messages that will send your list a single email daily or every two days.

This will keep your list inform and not become cold. You want to continue to send them news letters so that they will eventually buy from you. The main purpose of you building a list so that you can make money online. Traffic can turn into leads. Leads should turn into sales.

Following Up Is Important

Following up with your prospects is very very important. If you are not following up with your list, then your efforts are in vain!It's never love at first sight. People do not always buy product when they first see it. So do not expect people to buy your product when they lay eyes on it.

Why... because people can be easily distracted. They can be very interested in your product but either they are not ready to buy or they are distracted. So this is why its so important to capture their name, email, and phone number. This will allow you to send out emails to your list of people that really were interested in your product.

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