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Little Sweet Song Boutique | Discount Jewelry

Little Sweet Song Boutique | Discount Jewelry

Little Sweet Song Boutique Costume Jewelry

​Do you ever feel like wearing some nice jewelry? Maybe you have a nice occasion to attend and you want to find some discount costume jewelry. Well you can get you a nice set of jewelry from the Little Sweet Song Boutique! Whether you want something dreamy, flashy or classy, you can find it right here!!!

The image to the left displays a set of jewelry (necklace, ring and bracelet), for just $24.97! The ring is expandable and will be sure to fit your finger. The earrings are lightweight and not to heavy for the earlobe. This set is a light blue color and meant to imitate the stone Turquoise.

Sometimes a girl just feel likes wearing something a bit dazzling. If you ever just feel that mood why not get you some jewelry to wear that will fit that very want. 

This here to the right is includes a silver bracelet with a pearl on the end. It a also contains a pair of very pretty silver hoop earrings with little gems on the outside and inside. 

The earrings are not too big and not too small. The earrings will catch some eyes for sure!! You will only be paying $19.97 for some flashy earrings and a dazzling bracelet!

This pretty pink set is more classy and simple. For going out to dinner or for a nice stroll through a garden on a cool evening. It includes some lightweight dangle earrings with a little pink translucent bead. 

The necklace has a combination of pink gems and beads of different shapes and sizes, perfect for variety. You will see that there are 3 bracelets one is pink with opaque beads including a small charm, and the other two are silver also with a small charm. All for $24.97!

This set is a contrast from the others. You may call it a bit more bold. It contains a silver ring with a big black gem in the center. 

There is also a black warp around bracelet, with multiples rows of different gems on it. Only for $19.97. It will give you a more bold look if you are trying to spice up your outfit a bit!

​Now for the Grand Finale! There is always that special package or deal that people are interested in and here it is!! To your left is a collage of all 4 sets of jewelry. You can purchase this package of all 4 sets for $75 and save yourself close to $15. 

So if you feel like you want classy, dazzling and bold all at one time, here it is right right here for you!! Whatever choice you make for whatever mood your in you won't go wrong. And always remember GIRLS RULE!! 

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