Shopping online is very popular right now. Many females like to buy things online like hair clothes and jewelry. Doesn't it make it better when you buy something you want, but also receive a free gift. Well with Meme's World of Vibes you can!

We sell different girly items, and when you make a purchase you receive a free pair of lashes. We also have free shipping and delivery time is around 7-10 business days!


​People wearing nose rings is a trend that is rising fast. Many young people are starting to get their noses pierced. Some people prefer a simple nose stud while others like the nose ring hoops. 

On Meme's World of Vibes, we offer both of them. If you have your nose pierced shop for your nose rings here, and get a free pair of lashes of your choice, with your order. 

*We have free shipping and delivery times is around 7-10 business days.


​In addition to selling nose rings, we also have other girly products such as lip gloss, and hoop earrings. Shop here and receive your free pair of lashes!

Now that you know we definitely sell female items, let me inform you of our male products. Meme's Worls of Vibes has male items such as clippers, beard care and more!

We also sell Shea Moisture products for your skin, and hair. Shea Moisture is a very popular brand, and works well for many people.

*We have free shipping and delivery times is around 7-10 business days.



​​Due to COVID-19 we are helping to supply the public with masks and gloves. We currently have masks available for sale but the gloves are currently sold out.


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