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No credit check No payments slips No down payment No guarantors No interest

No credit check
No payments slips
No down payment
No guarantors
No interest

​R2B Rent2Buy

How Many Times Have You Caught Yourself, Day Dreaming About The Finer Things In Life. Maybe you have played that dream home, in your mind like a broken record over and over again, or you can see yourself driving a fancy car, or on the lake with family, with your big fancy boat having a grand old time. 

Sure you see it, we all do it's all around us others enjoying the finer things in life, like they were born with a silver spoon. But what will you do about it ? Keep dreaming ride by your dream home everyday,and say to yourself one day that will be me. 

Pull up next to that well dressed couple, driving a fancy car and say under your breath, dam I wish that was me. Well I say it is time to stop dreaming,and time to start doing. How that saying go when opportunity knocks, it is time jump head first. 

Well here is that opportunity, R2B rent 2 buy. Our Rent to Buy solution provides an opportunity without any credit checks, guarantees or interest on loan to realize your dream of owning your own home! When you are qualified for the rent to buy program you can find a property with any broker, and notify us about the chosen property. From there we will start the negotiations about your future home. 

THE MAGAZINE Listing of properties from around the world Unique way of acquiring properties Update on current real estate trends Expert opinions on current issues Affordable subscription rates Residual income WITHOUT a big investment 

HOW TO GET IT Promote the �R2B� magazine* Make minimum 10 personal sales of magazine subscriptions Decide which property you want and your price range Check the Rent to buy Calculator Create a minimum of 6 months income history with us And you can get started just for $28 and this is the solution No credit check No payments slips 

No down payment No guarantors No interest You don't have to dream any more, make it a reality. Get started today you could be in your dream home 6 months from now. 

Quote (Nothing is impossible the word itself says's I'm possible)

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