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Have you been dreaming of owning your own home, has there always been some type of road block in your way. Have you been a victim of foreclosure, bad credit and tired of renting? Are you tired of living in your friend's or family basement and want your dream home?

Here is how you can within 6 months. No credit check, no down payment or interest shopping. Well here is your chance to become a home owner,and not only that, what about your dream car or boat maybe a fancy motorcycle, how about an airplane. All that and a passive income to go with it for just a $28 monthly subscription.

You may be saying to yourself what rubbish is this, but let me give you a few of the details and you can make your own call

THE MAGAZINE Listing of properties from around the world Unique way of acquiring properties Update on current real estate trends Expert opinions on current issues 

Affordable subscription rates Residual income WITHOUT a big investment 

THE SOLUTION No credit check No payments slips No down payment No guarantors No interest 

HOW TO GET IT Promote the "R2B" magazine* Make minimum 10 personal sales of magazine subscriptions Decide which property you want and your price range 

Check the Rent to buy Calculator Create a minimum of 6 months income history with us 

Create a free account here and yes it is totally free and then click on the magazine tab to get more info

At 'R2B', you can start making money without submitting any resume or appearing for tough job interview. We follow the model of banks and large companies by rewarding you with cash bonuses for every person that you introduce. For each person that becomes our client by paying a $28 monthly subscription fee, you earn $3 per sale. By motivating this person to refer to as many clients as possible, you earn further commissions.


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Your Dream home,cars,boats,
You can have for a $28 subscription.
.No credit checkNo payments slipsNo down payment
No guarantors
No interest

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No credit check No payments slips No down paymen...