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 Phase one: Promotional opportunity to advertise with POWERPLAY.ONLINE

Reach the world for only $1 per day with a potential to earn back $3 per day just by publishing your ad. Yes, you read that correctly, you can earn up to 3 times what your ad costs simply by running an ad, there is no recruiting or downlines needed, we autofill for you at this point with a future opportunity (for those who wish) to bring your downline and earn whatever your Financial Target Goal may be. See our lifestyle calculator

POWERPLAY.ONLINE is the Craigslist for Network Marketers and other Entrepreneurs who are ready to engage existing, new and potential clients around the World in an offer based setting. Display your offer with other like-minded Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Early Adapters while EARNING MONEY on your advertising dollar with a great potential to bring home 3 times what it costs to run an ad. There is no need to be a Network Marketer to participate, this is open and of great value to anyone who wishes to promote their business.

Run as many ads as you like on POWERPLAY.ONLINE where we all can be searched by NAME, PRODUCT, OFFER and ZIP CODE.

Yes, direct your offer by ZIP CODE and/or Nationally where your offer can be seen in every zip code at once.

It's as simple as this with more to come like COUPON offers that are NON-REVENUE SHARING, take home 100% of your sales, (no more sharing with Groupon) , VIDEO COMMERCIALS and INTERACTIVE GAMES to engage potential and existing clients and customers with you and your offer. Your Business, Product and/or Offer becomes the Game piece in these interactive ad games, all presented by Demographic Segregation's or National and/or Local Saturation. 

No credit check No payments slips No down paymen...
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