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We all know that time is so precious to each of us all. Not only is it's precious, it also seem like there is not enough of it in a day. If this sounds like you then we have a solution for your blog creation! The most important software on LTN is the LTN Viral Blogging System. We decided to create an opportunity to give you the edge you need. It is so good to blog daily. Also the more blogs you have on the internet the higher the chances are that you will be found online. But we understand that you don't have the time to create blogs everyday. So look below and see which number of blogs created will be best for your budget. 

                                  2 Blog Posts One Time Fee $39.95                                        

3 Blog Posts One Time Fee $59.95 (ONE FREE)

  4 Blog Posts For Only $89.95 (ONE FREE)

Note: After purchase, send detail information about your business, send us your login details

and we will login to your account and create your blogs for you. Also send us your url to

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We will deliver your blogs asap.