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   LTN Wants To Partner With You!
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At LTN we strive to make your LTN experience pleasurable and lucrative! We know how it can be very hard to earn income online and be apart of a company that is trust worthy. Lead Traffic Network (LTN) is the company that will fulfill that missing void.

We want you to be apart of a company that is genuinely interested in you and what you have to say to help make (LTN) Lead Traffic Network better. We have put together a product that will help bring not only traffic for your business, but also generate a passive income at the same time. Does this sounds interesting to you? Of course it does!

What Are The Benefits

The benefits are traffic and leads! With your purchase of an (LFA) LTN Founder Ad, you will get world wide exposure to your business opportunity and you will earn commissions daily from the companies success. This will allow you to earn commissions at the same time your ad is being advertised out to the masses. This has the potential to bring you sign ups and sales!.

At this present moment seeing that we are new, we are only allowing two (LFA) LTN Founder Ads for the first ten upgraded members only. So its first come first serve for right now. This will bring forth excitement to your online experience.

How Does It Work


It's very simple. Once you purchase your (LFA) LTN Founder Ads which is up to (2) per founder, 90 days from the purchase date, you will be able to request your funds. Eample: If you buy (2) LFA's at $50 per LFA which is a total of $100, you will have earn commissions of $20 for doing nothing!! Each LFA will earn you $10 after 90 days. After 90 days, your ad Url will be Removed from the rotator. This is a no brainer. We are simply Rewarding YOU for believing in the LTN Company! 

What Are The Rules

We must put strict rules on this amazing opportunity because we want to avoid unethical people that tries to get over on the system. 

Rule #1- You MUST continue to be an UPGRADED MEMBER during the 90 days to be able to qualify for traffic, leads and Commissions. 
If you drop out, you will forfeit each your (LFA) Lead Traffic Network Ads and your earn commissions! NO REFUNDS!

Rule #2- This is NOT  AN  INVESTMENT! This is Traffic, Leads, Sales with Daily Rewards ONLY! DO NOT REFER TO US AS AN INVESTMENT

Rule #3- You can request your commissions PER LFA after the 90 day requirement from the date of purchase. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

Rule #4- You can NOT purchase more than TWO (2) LFA's at this time. If you purchase more than TWO (2) then we will be forced
to send you your money back!

When you PURCHASE your LFA(s) you will have Agreed to these rules
and guidelines. Click the button(s) below to purchase your LFA(s)

Note: Their is $2 added to the LFA to cover the fees .