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Lead Traffic Generation Automated Tools By AleXsis Hall

Lead Traffic Generation Automated Tools By AleXsis Hall

How To Get Leads From Facebook | Email 30k People A Day

​Everyone knows that traffic and leads are the life of a business. If you don't know how to get traffic on a regular basis, then be prepared to spend an extreme amount of money that most online marketers don't have to begin with! It is important that you learn how to get traffic yourself. List building is key in online marketing. Look below this video and check out my powerful software and traffic method that will catapult your business and brand. Learn how to get leads and deliver to them from social media.

FB Social Group Poster

The Facebook group poster is a powerful tool to put your Facebook traffic on Auto pilot. You will see how to get leads from Facebook with ease. Set it up and forget it. Post to multiple groups at a few clicks of a button.

Email Power System Blaster 30k Emails/Day

​This powerful tool not only put you back in control of your email campaigns but also you can upload 3rd party emails. Our servers will deliver your emails. Send out up to 30,000 emails per day on auto pilot email blaster.That'sis approximately 1 million emails per month. As a BONUS you will get 100k emails for FREE! Yes you read it right, for FREE. Watch this video of the mass mailer features.

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