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The Pathway To Israeli Peace | Novelist Bruce Davidson

The Pathway To Israeli Peace | Novelist Bruce Davidson

​​The novel, "The Pathway to Israeli Peace," is a Story of hopeful optimism for the entire world. The novel is written to embrace everyone around the Planet. Israel is crying out for everlasting peace, and "The Pathway to Israeli Peace" operates on the premise that if all wars cease in Jerusalem, Israel, then, all wars will, in turn, cease from the face of the Earth. War has plagued our world from the very time it came into existence. 

The unmerciful effects of war have ravaged innocent men, women & children for centuries. Jerusalem has been & will always continue to be center stage for all international affairs around the world. Jerusalem is the only single city on the Planet that stands out as the city that has been fought over the most. And there are reasons why this is true. Hence, we have the verse from Psalm 122:6: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 

All they who love her shall prosper." These reasons for the struggle for centuries over Jerusalem are thoroughly explained in "The Pathway to Israeli Peace." This novel leaves nothing out concerning Israel's past, present & future. And the novel graphically depicts the very Spirit of Israel with pictures throughout its Twenty-Two Chapters (322 Pages). 

The Story centers around the two protagonists of the book of The Song of Solomon, who are so much in love that they just don't know what to do about it (Song of Solomon 4:7). The unfairness of war is continually testing their romance. Their desire is to revel in each other's presence without the interruption of war, which has been tearing them apart in a gut-wrenching fashion. Their love for each other is so powerful & inclusive, as to yearn for peace, not only for themselves, but also for the entire Universe. 

Should the pathway to Israeli peace lead these two back into each other's arms, then, it will follow suit that the entire world will be at peace as well. Should the Earth ever witness such an everlasting peace on one glorious day, the end result of that special peace will mean freedom for all of mankind in its truest form. Will Camelot be restored? Or will Camelot remain lost forever? Your own perspective of "The Pathway to Israeli Peace" could change your life and the world!!! The Foreword for the novel, "The Pathway to Israeli Peace" is from a United States Congressman. 

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